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The year was Nineteen-Hundred Eighty-Eight and the world was yet young and naïve. Most of the continents had yet to be discovered by man and people still thought the Taurus was a cool-looking car. The radio waves were still heavily polluted from years of Poison and Bon Jovi. Overall it was a pretty crappy time period. With not a whimper, but a thunderous KRAKA-THOOM of awesome Matthew Kobylarek was unleashed upon the United States of the World on the fateful Seventh of October – or 'Mattmageddon' as it would later come to be known.

Though not as cool as Adult Matt, Young Matt was still a pretty cool guy. He liked to catch frogs and snakes, play Nintendo, draw and reminisce about how sucky the world used to be before he completely reshaped it with his own bare hands through the use of his wondrous art skills.

But For Real

Matthew Kobylarek graduated from the College for Creative Studies in 2010, and has since worked as a Lead Artist on video games for console, PC and mobile, ranging from action-oriented fare such as Blood of the Werewolf to children's learning titles for LeapFrog. He has also worked as a UX/UI Designer on various apps and interfaces for Android, iOS, PC, and proprietary embedded systems (everything from kitchen appliances to car navigation systems). He often doesn't refer to himself in the third person.